FreeStyle Libre 2 system sampling program

A breakthrough CGM


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Making personal continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) possible for more patients and physicians

FreeStyle Libre 2 system sample program is dedicated to bringing CGM to patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes–providing samples to qualifying healthcare professionals.

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Clinically Proven to Improve Glucose Control


Average A1c Reduction

in patients with T2D1*

The #1 CGM in the US

FreeStyle Libre 2 system is easy for you and your patients*2,3

  • Painless*2 scans without fingersticks

  • Easiest iCGM sensor to apply§4 with no in-person patient training required

  • Optional, real-time glucose alarmsll

  • Patients can get real-time glucose readings5 and feedback on glucose levels and trends to make more informed diabetes management decisions

  • More affordable CGM at one-third the cost of other CGMs

  • Patients only need a reader and a small, discrete sensor to access their readings

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